Tuesday, February 9, 2010


All us co-authors of this erratically updated blog are going to universtity soon or have already started. That is, except Sunny, who has never contributed to this blog and has disappeared off the face of the planet as far as blogging is concerned having last blogged in 2008 (You're so late, I'm so 2008? This peeps be outdating my style cause I haven't updated in a while) and I'm frankly uncertain what has happened to her... I'm sure she'll turn up sometime. Her youtube channel says she already IS in college so congratulations to her! She's older than us all so yeah. Also not going to university this year is Cobb, who has gone to Tafe. Next year he shall be in Melbourne, showing off his awesome skills and forming new rivals in a whole different state. Because frankly, we've had enough of him being the best film maker around here and want him to leave. LEAVE! Go be better than me ELSEWHERE DAMNIT!

*Ahem* Yes well what I meant to say is: THE NEW FACEBOOK SUCKS! Why did they update it like that? Surely they realise that they are stupid!

I'm sorry I'm getting sidetracked (SEND LETTER BOMBS INSTEAD OF COMPLAINT EMAILS!!) I should be talking about University. Well at U-ni-ver-si-ty we will all be pursuing education for various wonderful fields of expertise. I personally will be both doing Psychology and Screen Production so I can make films that traumatise people, then get even more money by then giving them therapy afterwards. The same goes for Uwe Boll with his movies and his intent on teaching people how to box. You get excited that they made a movie of Far Cry then get really really angry that it was made by Uwe Boll and then voila! He charges you money to learn to expell your anger through boxing. How else do you think he gets funding for his movies after strings of flops and abismal films? He funds them secretly from the money of outraged video game fans who not only paid for boxing lessons, but then were beaten unconcious and had their wallets pilfered by the greedy and evil Uwe Boll. We must stop him!.

I would've preferred a picture of him with demon horns but unfortunately they didn't have any of those on the internet where I was searching. Oh well, perhaps a side project when NetPlus finally gets photoshop in stock?

I promise that once I have graduated from U-ni-ver-si-ty I will only produce the best quality films that I can with whatever talent I have, which I will improve upon. I won't produce anything of inferior quality for the sake of making money or rip people off unfairly. I will also not produce anything but the finest of crazy people from my psyche practice. We can't have low quality deranged people roaming our streets now can we? CAN WE?

No. No we can't.

So, like I, you too should enjoy U-ni-ver-si-ty and learn as much as you possibly can! Be the best you can, do the best you can and don't become one of those cheap expendable losers of whatever profession you become. We're here to learn people. Now... to the future!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Innocent to Wrong

Everything is just how you phrase it. For example:

-When'd you go to sleep last night?
-When'd you hop into your bed last night?
-When'd you lie down and close your eyes last night?
-When'd you take off your clothes and replace them with pyjama's for the sake of resting last night?
-When'd you get naked, put on your gown and lie down in the dark completely alone last night?
-When'd you get naked, put on your gown and lie down alone in the dark, unconcious and completely unaware of your surroundings for hours on end in a room with no lock on it?

"....Why do you ask?"

-I was just wondering.
-You seem kinda tired.
-I want to know. Tell me now.
-I want to know because I was thinking about you last night.
-I want to know because I couldn't stop thinking about you lying there still and unaware in the darkness all alone with me to watch over you.
-I already know I was watching you from the window, I just wanted to judge your answer by comparing it to when you really DID go to sleep last night so I know if you're the kind of person who lies to me.

Sure the last bit wasn't all the same response but who cares? It could be if you look it the right way.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


You're so immature. All of you. I know what went through your mind when you read that title.

Well doodles are drawings people. No, not the drawings of doodles on chairs you find everywhere at school (you know when we evolve something else we will learn to draw that instead so if you're sick and tired of them just wait a few million years.) I have drawn quite a few (INNOCENT DRAWINGS. Mein Gott you guys are immature) in my textbooks over the past year and seeing as I no longer need the books themselves I've decided to preserve my favourite doodles....

OK I'm going to call them sketches now. They're not proper sketchy because I feel sketches need a certain amount of quality or style to them so they're more doodle like but no. No I must remember my audience and call them sketches. I have repressed NOTHING!

Here are some sketches. Be amused by them! (or don't. You know... free will and all...) Excuse my handwriting.

Oh that Mark. Haha.

I've always hated him too. Glad someone else out there did too.

Oddly enough no one believes me that this sort of thing really happens. COME ON PEOPLE! They're lying to you! They just want you to think monkies don't come from eggs.

Traumatic childhood...

Extra exclamation marks also messes with counting techniques and certain probability problems... not that you need to know that what with exams being over and all.

Don't try this. The eggs will explode. I know this because I've done it... twice... I'm a slow learner.

My long lost brother. He had serious anger issues. Once, he beat a nun to death because a penguin bit him at the zoo.

He is a very confused man.

F***ing hand puppets.

WHAT ARE THEY!? I'm scared :'(

And thus is the end of my doodles. We all knew it had to come eventually, some of us wish there was more but I'm sure you're all satisfied with what I have shown you today :)

You're all so very... very immature....

Thursday, November 5, 2009


ALRIGHT fellow cornflakes.
dont read this spot often anymore do you?
tsk tsk, dont kill something worth having
be greatful you have a blog spot. SO VISIT IT.

Alright, this is a warning to all the Holy Roley's on this blog site: The Following Blog Contains Your Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, and your Big Guy on A Cloud, God (aka. Josh Heaney Baby!).

Oooh, so here I am enjoying a meal with the family, when all of a sudden on the television this add starts playing.
Some interesting imagery, and so forth, at the begining saying "Thanks Jesus for Sunlight, but why do we get sun burnt?", and the add goes on "More friends but less friendships", ect, ect. until at the very end "JESUS HAS THE ANSWERS".....
A Television Advertisement for the Catholic Church.... On at a big ratings program (Celebrity MasterChef), of which many young children will be watching.

Not just that, but the following add break, there is another add, a message from the catholic arch bishop Barry Hickey.
His message on the unity of people is all nice and well, and i respected what he had to say until he said "WE CAN ONLY FIND THIS UNITY IN ONE WAY, AND THAT IS ALL THROUGH OUR FAITH IN GOD" (or something like that.)
All respect gone out the window..
Now really, this is not one of my religious bashing rants.

okay i cannot find that one in particular but i'm sure if you've been watching channel 10 around 6 or 7 then you would have seen it.

Anyway, trying to find the advertisement this guy appears in is hard, but i found one i havnt seen that has apparently been playing lots on Saturday mornings during childrens cartoons, announced by the same man, ArchBishop Barry Hickey.

Once again the church does something that is completely and horrificly wrong.
So many people will be watching and seeing this, so many.
And this is advertisement. promising "all the answers, a perfect world"
fuck its like some weird controlled order, like in some science fiction film or book.

Now look at what advertisement does.
It subconsciously installs messages and brand affiliations into the brain.
So, an add affiliating some the nice and bad things in life, along with a man who addresses god as the solution to many of Australia's problems... what they are trying to sell being beliefs, way of life and faith... this is horrible.
It's not too far off of brainwashing either.
This is being subconsciously installed into so many viewers brains, even more so some of the younger children who wont know any better.
Yeah sure, people deserve that freedom in belief. You can believe in God, i won't love you for it but its your choice.
But then these adds just contradicts this very right people have, by rubbing there ideals on you through something that influences you greatly, is a big part of our culture and is in every household, not to mention being on at the time of one of the highest rating programs.
I can tell people to "turn off there televisions", but that wont do a bit of difference, people will still watch.

Hungry Beast did a segment on there show on this very advertising campaign.
From what was said, the catholic churches of australia have paid one million dollars to advertise Jesus to gain an even greater following.
They have had this new "Jesus" logo, on billboards, a racing car, Sky writing planes, television advertising, along with many other things.
After announcing this they did show a very funny parody of the add, titled "Jesus has Issues", and brought up some of the facts of what the church really do.
I will provide a link to the video.

Anyway, i am well aware of some of your choices in faith, but you have your morals and if you had any respect for other people finding there own beliefs without television demanding them to become a part of yours, then you will sign this petition.

Unfortunatly there are no petitions existing at this time, but when i come across one i will post it up here.

feel free to discuss this matter at the bottom. I am curious about some of your feedback.

Edgar Lovecraft.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

the forces that be....

why is it that when your house is possessed by a demon, a demon that supposedly cannot be reasoned with and want to bring you pain.
why is it that all this invisible supernatural demon spirit does, is stomp around on your stairs, slam doors, poke the roof making banging noises and occasionally rustle your sheets?
i dont get it. it's more like being an epic pain in the ass. honestly

If these paranormal activities do happen i wont jump to these fundamental religious conclusions.
no he doesn't he just doesn't want you to get any sleep so you don't take notice to when he shits in your coffee.

Well watching Paranormal Activity, one of those POV camera movies (Blair witch project, Cloverfield, REC, ect.), based on the conventional things that happen when you have a paranormal experience in your household, i just couldn't help but just say its not a demon, like so many people like to conclude.
Maybe something mischevious (i wont say poltergiest, because then what is a poltergiest? a spirit. yeah do spirits exist?) or the forces that be just are fed up with your bullshit .

Friday, October 30, 2009

Deja' Vu. Here we go again, different path? same path? better or worse? An Abstract Memoir for this moment in time, contradictory? then what is it?

something good has happened.
something i thought wouldn't.
but that all too familiar sadness has accompanied it.
and i go on thinking things would be better, but when met with the reality of the situation the worst possible thing happens.
same daggers, different name.

I know what is right, patience.
but i can i dare stand it for so long?
decisions will be made, problems will arise
so do i let the past repeat itself?
i should make do at this second chance,
but then again, chance doesn't exist in these terms?
and if it is a determination of my life, is it for the good?
I can try be strong, and then suffer the same degradation i did before..
become second rate, second hand to myself as before.
Could i stand another renewal?
or shall i just draw from my new founded weaknesses and work from there?

There is no reason this is happening once again. But there is a rare opportunity, just as there was a rare opportunity as before.
is it possible to clench these emotions, be as conscious with them through analysis whilst at the same time ignoring there negative effects onto myself?
I feel i am full of great personal achievement, and with that all it takes is myself to fully grasp something translatable, ad something that can be channeled through passion.

I can feel it in this abstract memoir.
This progressional mind flow.
I have to go down this stream and to the very place i know i can control myself, but will the current keep me there for long until the tide changes and takes me back down the mountain to this feeling once again?

but then how can i be so predictive of these things when there may be any outcome?
do i look for the worst and presume it?
how can i presume an outcome anyway, who's to say my logic and myself is capable of it?

oh well, these are questions i can channel to the page, but whether or not the fellow cornflakes find this necessary look into the foundations of my own labrynth.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

beginnings and endings

everyone always goes on about all the laws of physics and maths and chemistry and how they can be used to explain basically everything about everything. and usually they do an alright job explaining the stupid stuff that no-one really cares about and answering questions that no-one asks. but what explains all the serious stuff???

i believe that the universe only has two fundimental laws. two laws that define what exists and what doesnt. and the thing is, these two laws actually work for everything, and are present in every other law or theory you can think of.

the first law is that eventually, everything ends. nothing lasts forever. its impossible to think that it can. forever is an illusion created by our own fantasies about perfection and eternity. everything ends. happiness, sorrow, love, life, even time. everything that ever was or is, will end, or already has ended. its inescapable. thinking that something will last for eternity will only mean that when it does end, your goingt o be more crushed about it.

and the second law is that, for every ending, there is a beginning. everytime something ends, something new comes into play to replace the thing that just ended. when happiness ends, despair begins. when sorrow ends, joy begins. when love ends, spite begins. when life ends, death begins. and when time ends, well, something other than time begins to take the place of time.

there is also another phenomenom that i have noticed as well. whenever a bad thing ends, something good starts from the ashes of the bad thing. and once a good thing comes to an end, a bad thing rises up to claim you. its quite a perverse cycle. it means that we look forward to the good times because they are good, yet also live in fear for when the goodness ends and the badness begins. conversely, we look forward to when a bad thing ends as it heralds the arrival of something worthwhile.

its kinda unfortunate that life runs on such a cycle. what if there was a way to postpone the ending of something good, would you do it??? you probably would. just like you would stop the begining of something bad if you could. but heres the thing: trying to control the outcomes of endings and beginnings will never work. postponing an ending only makes the beginning more violent, and hastening a beginning will only cause the ending to explode sooner.

if someone ever did find out a way to completely and utterly stop something beginning or ending, then reality would simply cease to exist. if something is stopped from reaching its inevitable end, then that means that something new never starts to take its place. and that thing that would have begun would then not be able to replace another ending somewhere else, thus making that other thing never end. and this would continue upwards like a violent maelstrom untill everything comes to a standstill. it would also drive people insane. what if the awkward conversation with your parents was never allowed to end??? what if that tv show you've been waiting to start never begins??? it would be utter chaos. which is ironic, since chaos would then never be allowed to start.

i just thought this was something interesting that i was musing over. and hence, as i had thought about it, you people out there then had to know about it. look at it this way, your ignorance of the fabric of the universe is ending, and your enlightenment has just started :P

Monday, October 19, 2009


ok i realised i just posted something, but i need everyones oppinions on this one.

say that hypothetically you could forsee an even that will happen in the near future. im not talking psychic or anything, although that would be cool, but like you can just feel and know that something, an event, will happen.

now, say that this hypothetical scenario that you see coming will hurt people. thats a bad thing isnt it??? well im pretty sure it is anyway. and you know that if you do nothing about it, this scenario will come about and hurt everyone.

naturally, you would try and do something to stop it from happening. but what happens when you cant stop it??? what if every step you take to stop this terrible event only brings you closer to anihilation??? you become the cause of the terrible scenario. damned if you do, damned if you dont.

this is my queary to all you avid young bloggers out there: would u sit back and let the even unfold, knowing full well that it would hurt people, or would u try and stop it, in full knowledge that you would only make it come about faster. sit back and wait, or accelerate and become the cause: which would you do???

lost for words

have you ever sat there thinking over your day and all the things you said to people? you probably have. and if you've done that, then you've probably also thought about all the things you wished you had said, or could say. you think, man, i would have so owned that guy if i'd said that. but you didnt say it. and nothing happened.

is there a place that all the unsaid things go??? if there is, it'd be filled to the brimb by now. so many times there have been things i wanted to say but didnt. sometimes their things you think while your angry, and you dont say them because you know that your angry and it will only get you into even more shit. sometimes you dont say anything because you know that saying something will only hurt people. sometimes you just plain and simple cant bring yourself to say it.

ok, i think iv talked enough on that. NOW: what happens when you run out of things to say??? in the middle of a conversation, where you find yourself completely speechless, what do u do??? someone please tell me, cause sometimes its down right awkward when your expected to say something but can think of anything to say. infact, its also really irritating. its like, brain, what the fuck man??? you left me hanging when i needed you.

even worse then that, when you can think of a thousand things to say, all of them good, but you cant formulate them into words. you have so many thoughts and emotions and actions you want to explain and tell people, but you find yourself at a loss for words to describe them with. like suddenly english has failed you and your left with nothing. fuck i hate when that happens. yet i find it happening more and more often lately.

i pose this challenge to you: if there is a time when i was talking to any of you out there, but i couldnt think of anything to say, i didnt say anything, or i said something dumb, tell me the scenario and il think of something better to say in that situation you where in with me. come on, bring it, i dare ya.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mystery Team

Demand Mystery Team in Perth!
Mystery Team in Perth - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all Perth events on Eventful

I demand it! Demand it too! This movie is going to be absolutely awesome and I don't want to miss out on it just being released in the US.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Are Our Superiors

"Demeaned... Why?"
Our values, that don't hurt anyone else... crushed by some random stranger, spinning a gun of words and criticisms.
Criticisms that are neither constructive or to help.
Criticisms that tell us to go down the path, and follow the way of the random gunslinger.
Does that sway us?
If an individual were to embrace these ways he will find it a superiority in him, that puts him beyond those who do not follow.
Demonstrated through history per Tyranny, Dictatorship, Religion and Government, Superior in groups, inferior individual.
Whether be in groups or individual, our values are placed on our demonstration of power.
When something is loathed by you, can you not help but speak out against it when your face is pressed so hard on it's glass?
By speaking out against a harmless life, demeaning and speaking the reality it is through your eyes, in direct spite on the person and there actions, does that make us bad?
It does not, it makes us human.
Jesus spoke out against those who were provoked into crucifying him, Just as Hitler spoke out against the same group of people.
Rappers, listening to there poetry of the streets will physically and verbally show there disgust to a walking fringe, pumping melodramatic songs of lost love into his ear lobes.
And, a man such as myself, speaks out against enhanced enjoyment, the act illicit drugs smuggled into the PEZ dispenser women are brought into this world with.
Does that sum me as a person, or does it just complete the Ying and Yang that is my mind and soul?
Do i want people to go down the pathway of Dante Lovecraft, or am i speaking out against a menacing pitiful activity?
A shared value among others, does this majority justify myself? Are the criticisms of the bad that don't directly harm others a bad thing for me?
It's hard, when something is generalized and "bad" when indeed it's doesn't harm anyone, directly or intentionally. Did someone who shares a view similar to mine make that rule, that was passed down society into my mind and the minds of others?
As personal as this is to me, it is just as personal to each one of you.
Those in a group of creation and god, a cover up for sick twisted acts and depraved intentions. Because your upbringing represented this good does that necessarily justify everything done? Or because you were raised to believe and understand, does it make it real?
If you were to raise a child, and educate him his whole life, that the name of the sky's color is green, if he didn't know otherwise he wouldn't question it.
If one was raised, and told that everyone had the intention of killing him, for so long and from such a young age, would he ever trust anyone but his educator?
Our values, again, are they entirely good?
Do our own personal judgements mean all that is truely right? obviously not.
And when you utter those few words to one individual, that demean and put down what there world is around them,
then the skies will fall down, violet and crimson in its collapsing swirls. And when caught up in it, swirls of emotion and tension will bring you down below the surface, away from everything else that other person was to you.
And with a chance and percentage of whether or not you will say anything, will determine whether the void will take you.
Because with those magic words, if the emotion power isn't in your hands, you will be dragged down, And your life involving one you have loved, yet was a faulted princess, may as well be Hell existing.
You'll call out to them, but the words you should have choked on will form nothing more than an ugly mask over your grief stricken face, making you look nothing like the man you once were, and more of a tormentor, knowing at the chamber doors, demanding entrance to shadow the view of the outside.
To Ourselves, we are everyone elses superiors in our particular ideals.
They will always be better.
And thats being human.
You may deny it, but you know in the back of your mind there have been moments where you will boil in someones own values, as innocent as they may be.
And in the end, if you were to utter the mask to distort your image, you'll find yourself asking
"Demeaning... Why?"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



one thing i do wish to point out though.
I have seen Mr Martin, Robert Smith, and Marilyn Manson all standing on the exact same spot. At challenge stadium.
I dont know i just find that interesting.
thankyou for your time.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Well hello people

well, shouldnt i be revising for my exam im leaving for in 25 minutes?
i'll come here
make a post on a blog that hasnt got a post in a while, poor neglected thing.

Anyway, as you've heard the Bilby chronicles is deceased, until someone here wishes to continue it themselves
head on over to assortedramblingsofcuntflakes.blogspot.com to read the final entry (below my post "wha ehh ahh")
please do it soon because i will be relocating the bilby chronicles to a different blog and removing them from my own.

But what is to come? well, considering how busy i'm going to be this following week you won't here much from me
you can expect 2 mini stories on this blog and my own that i am currently writing up.
One is something i wrote up in english and hope to finish
the other.... hahaha....
Let's say the other thing is a small part of a world that we wish to expand and become bigger, this minut story will keep you guessing as to what is going to happen with it.

Anyway, it has been long since this blog has seen anything that is of an assorted rambling, besides god and haircuts.
So i bring you!

Bilby 9 part 2. The unofficial sequel

Bilby jumps on sym for no particular reason and rips him appart, kills both jason and steve and kills himself.
Josh jizzes all over Quinten who then reverses all that happened because of what Josh did.
Dormors dominion no longer exists, Time has reversed to the graduation ceremony
Only none of the characters of this story exist anymore.
Except for Josh.
The End

Okay that sucked
i'll do a poem

Oh my weaney
It is josh heaney
come to the Knox
Where we'll meet David Cox
When you want a flower
go get engulfed by its cunt
or just give it a good punt
because the wolves are all about
making lots of hamburgers
for the dirty hangovers
of Josh's wild night
his rape it came of fright
And when the dark seeps near
you know Jacob is here
because you know without a doubt
that this shit obviously came from his mouth.
or maybe from his keyboard
its such a typical display
it will leave you in dismay
An awesome dude is James May
Because Top Gear is a good show
I cant give a shit about Cars, for all thee know
BUt those dudes are surely funny
they'll leave your diarhea seeping runny

Monday, September 14, 2009

for her

i met you at a party i was sceptical about going to. i was sitting there thinking "i wish bilby had more hot female friends who are single", and who should come down the stairs at that exact moment??? you.

in an australian flag t-shirt and a tartan skirt. you sure stood out :P i looked at you, and our eyes met. and i dont think i looked away for a few minutes. i tried to talk to you that night. but i didnt know what to say. i think i ended up talking about blowing us all up... but you didnt freak out and run away from my weirdness. you smiled and laughed. and i felt happy that i heard you laugh. even if only for a minute. then mr bilby came up to me and said very bluntly that you had a boyfriend. hopes, smashed. thanks bilby :)

i went home and i couldnt sleep. i kept thinking about you. i began checking your blog every day to see what you had posted. you made me laugh, even if it was only over the internet. then you added me on msn. and that first night, i ended up telling you some things iv never told anyone else before. and we talked till about 4 in the morning. and i didnt want to stop talking to you. you fascinated me. you were funny and smart, and you seemed to find me interesting for god knows what reason.

the second night we talked even longer. and at the end of the night, neither of us wanted to stop talking to each other. but mutual need of sleep soon beat us. i stayed over my friends place. he went to bed at like 10, and i spent all my credit texting you through the night. when i ran out, i felt bad that i had dropped the convo mid sentence and i went out to get more the very next morning.

my parents went away, and i actually got the chance to hang out with you. you got tipsy off of one jim beam shot with coke :) your sister scared me shitless and she seemed to hate me. your dog tried to eat me. and then one day i wasnt allowed over your sister came home early and i had to run out the back door and hide around the corner till you let me out of your garage :P god, that was intense.

then i asked you out. and you actually said yes! and i was so happy. i met your parents and they hated me. you met mine and they liked you. my little sister is now obsessed with you. your sister actually appears to like me now. i met your friends, and they were really awsome. kinda scary, but awsome none the less :) you met some of my friends, you go to the same ice skating as grace, you talk with cobb online, and your friends with em now. although you hate fiona for some reason.....

you put up with me, week in week out, even when im the biggest tool. you cry to me over the phone, and i make you smile and laugh again. i get to kiss you on the weekends, and i never want it to end. we sit in your living room watching little brittain and horror movies, and i get to hold you in my arms. you care about me, you say that you love me, and you accept me for the fucked up indavidual that i am.

im sorry for every time iv upset you, i refuse to apologise for every time iv made you cry out in exasperation, im thankful for every minute that im with you, and i cherish every memory i have with you. and this is just for you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

unfair much

il keep this short. i am sitting here in subject suspension because the teacher doesnt like me. im suspended from jewelary. seriously, who the fuck gets suspended from a non TEE subject that no-one even does work in???

put simply, im not very good at the subject, hence i work slowly, hence the teacher doesnt like me and so has basically invented a reason to kick me out.

yesterday, i was the only person doing work. steve was walking around with a pair of hammers under his shirt making it look like a pair of niples. jacob and jordan were pretending to hammer steel rods into each others and my asses. fiona and em spent most of the time laughing at us and making fun of my crappy looking project i am working on. yea, told u i wasnt good at the subject :P

anyway, i just think its slightly unfair is all. well wont the teacher get a surprise when i do less work in suspension then i do on a regular daily basis???

cheerio till next time :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lights Up! Let The Show Begin!

In The Begining, there was God. He sat down, looking upon all his creation, his loui vatton bag hanging from his flamboyant shoulder. The new issue of heat lying on the floor. he was as bored as hell. SO he pulled out his directors chair and said "Let there be Lights Up!" and to his illuminated stage of actors he spoke "Let the Show Begin".
And so it began.
And so has it been for all time.
The mysteries of the reality of the universe, in our true consciousness. But what we really think with, is the consciousness of the character we play.
We live and die as these characters.
Ourselves, we are all characters in a long play. Flamboyantly masked and played, completely foreign and fictional to our true selves.
But one day, it is prophesised. That may the butterflys flutter away, showing everything there truely is to the world.
reveal to us, in this grand play, what is what.
the sunshine our lighting
the world around us our prop.
Us? the actors of course.
i mean, we can only act in our costumes for so long.

At some point in our lives there has to be an intermission to this very show.
At some point in an actors life.
At some point the butterflys masking and holding the actor, that give them there very appearance, one day they'll flutter away and what would be left is a mystical and magical being.
A truye Lawrence Olivier
A true Anthony Hopkins, Humphry Boggart, Johnny Depp, Leornardo Di Caprio.

But of what appearance?
A lesser more frail form no doubt, but a more pure one.
They wish to be more, they strive to be more so they act.
They act in this play that is our lives.
This play "life" represents nothing they have.
They have to deal with the trivial matters of magic and mystisicm.
There is no normal in our real place of fantasy.
Normal is dreamt of to the Truth as Magic is dreamt of the the False.
So may the butterflies flutter, and we become who we are destined to be.
No longer we run, no longer we lie, no longer we hide.
Manifestations release themselves.
Sexuality blossom into its pure loving scent.

This play was written to reverse roles, so that the magic is something the norm is in the real world.

So our lesson in life, is when the butterflies flutter and dissapear

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am a Terrible Person

It's not a question like when everyone else says it. I really am :P I scare small children... and I want a shirt that says that (*ahem* suggestion for christmas present?) I also have proof that I'm scary! Just look at this authentic conversation between me and a friend's little brother on facebook:

(Oh yeah, btw background information: I decided I would say his name multiple times in a row once because I told him it was fun to say... so it started off as saying ti 3 times in a row then 5 and so)

Btw his last name has been edited out for his protection... I don't want anyone stalking him but ME OK?

OMG! IT'S CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN! (now up to SIX TIMES! Because you're 6 times more awesome than any other of the Cheekin's I know!) HEEEEELLOOOOO!!! Hello.
45 Minutes ago
youre starting to freak me out :O
42 minutes ago
Bilby: (Cheekin needs an adult!) I'm only STARTING!? What!? You confirmed my friend request, you obviously don't find me too scary... and come on! All I did was say hello and hell your name 7 times and compare you to imaginary people... who would find THAT scary cheekin cheekin cheekin?
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38 minutes ago
Although you are scared of me, I want you to know you can always rely on me to be there for you... even when you don't want me to be... but I'll be there.
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heh..thats nice..
36 minutes ago
yes. isn't it just? It's nice just like your name cheekin cheekin cheekin cheekin cheekin cheekin :) Do you admire yourself in the mirror?
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not usually
30 minutes ago
does that mean that there are times? I would if I had a name like cheekin cheekin cheekin cheekin cheekin cheekin. It's so cool. I'd say it to myself over and over. Next year I can legally change my name. I'm thinking maybe... "Steve"...
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no just said it so you would leave me alone T^T
27 minutes ago
But why would I leave you alone Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin? You're so cool! :) And we're friiiiieeeendds on facceeeboook!
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right..so im gonna stop talking to you now..
17 minutes ago
I've never felt more rejected and hurt! :'( I don't love you anymore Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin.....
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phew what a relief
14 minutes ago
That's still talking to me! Does that mean there's still hope for our relationship? I'm sorry Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin! Please forgive me? We can still be faaaacceebook friiiiieeeendss...
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no. and im going to sleep :O
12 minutes ago
Well I'm going to cry myself to sleep then! :'( Goodnight CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN! Sweet dreams! Don't let the bed bugs bite! I promise not to watch you while you sleep :)

Farewell my fair prince!
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ew. well now you probably made me not able to sleep
6 minutes ago
We can stay up together! Hey do you have msn? Come paly tic tac to with me :D
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no thanks just the thought of that made me feel like sleeping again!
22 seconds ago
*whispers* Goodnight.... cheekin... cheekin... cheekin... cheekin......................


I know you're not sleeping! You're on maple dammit!
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lol how did you know i play maple
14 minutes ago
BECAUSE I KNOW EVERYTHING CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN CHEEKIN! How dare you lie to me! I feel so hurt... just for that I'm not giving you back your pet cat!
13 minutes ago ·
of course im not sleeping its 920
11 minutes ago
stop freaking him out!!!! omg can u please b a clown for sport canival!!! please please please
11 minutes ago
Well maybe you go to bed at a respectable hour? Who knows!? All I know is that you LIED to ME!!!! :'( *cries* I've never been hurt as much as I have been tonight...

...and no, I'm going as a Lemming to the sports carnival
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whos fraser logan?
9 minutes ago
FRASER LOGAN is the guy on the ad for smarter than smoking. You know how the guy doesn't get to go to the party because he can't afford it? (yet somehow can afford a video phone...) It's FRASER LOGAN!
5 minutes ago ·
why is weird ppls i dont know adding me?!?!
5 minutes ago
Because we love you...
5 minutes ago ·
i havent seen that ad
4 minutes ago
actually i dont think ive seen smarter than smoking ads in a while
3 minutes ago
But... you need to! It's FRASER LOGAN's BIG breakthrough performance! He's on the tv for a whole 2 seconds!
3 minutes ago
well if you haven't seen them in a while then obviously that means it's OK to smoke then... so hey, when I'm 18 do you want me to buy you cigs? I wil... for YOU Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin
2 minutes ago ·
oh you were serious? i can never tell with you
2 minutes ago
I'm always serious.... ALWAYS....
about a minute ago ·
right. well im really gonna go now
44 seconds ago
nice talking to you...i guess? o_O
28 seconds ago
It's been REALLY REALLY NICE to talk to you too Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin Cheekin! (See? Now we're up to 7 just because you said that:) You like me aww) Goooooddnniggghhtt my ffaaaacceebook frrriiiieeendd :P
2 seconds ago

The end :)

The really weird thing was how he actually had confirmed my friend request to begin with when he knew I was going to be weird and creepy towards him... and the even weirder thing is he didn't actually bother to remove me from his friends list during/after that... Hmm.