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ALRIGHT fellow cornflakes.
dont read this spot often anymore do you?
tsk tsk, dont kill something worth having
be greatful you have a blog spot. SO VISIT IT.

Alright, this is a warning to all the Holy Roley's on this blog site: The Following Blog Contains Your Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, and your Big Guy on A Cloud, God (aka. Josh Heaney Baby!).

Oooh, so here I am enjoying a meal with the family, when all of a sudden on the television this add starts playing.
Some interesting imagery, and so forth, at the begining saying "Thanks Jesus for Sunlight, but why do we get sun burnt?", and the add goes on "More friends but less friendships", ect, ect. until at the very end "JESUS HAS THE ANSWERS".....
A Television Advertisement for the Catholic Church.... On at a big ratings program (Celebrity MasterChef), of which many young children will be watching.

Not just that, but the following add break, there is another add, a message from the catholic arch bishop Barry Hickey.
His message on the unity of people is all nice and well, and i respected what he had to say until he said "WE CAN ONLY FIND THIS UNITY IN ONE WAY, AND THAT IS ALL THROUGH OUR FAITH IN GOD" (or something like that.)
All respect gone out the window..
Now really, this is not one of my religious bashing rants.

okay i cannot find that one in particular but i'm sure if you've been watching channel 10 around 6 or 7 then you would have seen it.

Anyway, trying to find the advertisement this guy appears in is hard, but i found one i havnt seen that has apparently been playing lots on Saturday mornings during childrens cartoons, announced by the same man, ArchBishop Barry Hickey.

Once again the church does something that is completely and horrificly wrong.
So many people will be watching and seeing this, so many.
And this is advertisement. promising "all the answers, a perfect world"
fuck its like some weird controlled order, like in some science fiction film or book.

Now look at what advertisement does.
It subconsciously installs messages and brand affiliations into the brain.
So, an add affiliating some the nice and bad things in life, along with a man who addresses god as the solution to many of Australia's problems... what they are trying to sell being beliefs, way of life and faith... this is horrible.
It's not too far off of brainwashing either.
This is being subconsciously installed into so many viewers brains, even more so some of the younger children who wont know any better.
Yeah sure, people deserve that freedom in belief. You can believe in God, i won't love you for it but its your choice.
But then these adds just contradicts this very right people have, by rubbing there ideals on you through something that influences you greatly, is a big part of our culture and is in every household, not to mention being on at the time of one of the highest rating programs.
I can tell people to "turn off there televisions", but that wont do a bit of difference, people will still watch.

Hungry Beast did a segment on there show on this very advertising campaign.
From what was said, the catholic churches of australia have paid one million dollars to advertise Jesus to gain an even greater following.
They have had this new "Jesus" logo, on billboards, a racing car, Sky writing planes, television advertising, along with many other things.
After announcing this they did show a very funny parody of the add, titled "Jesus has Issues", and brought up some of the facts of what the church really do.
I will provide a link to the video.

Anyway, i am well aware of some of your choices in faith, but you have your morals and if you had any respect for other people finding there own beliefs without television demanding them to become a part of yours, then you will sign this petition.

Unfortunatly there are no petitions existing at this time, but when i come across one i will post it up here.

feel free to discuss this matter at the bottom. I am curious about some of your feedback.

Edgar Lovecraft.


the thing that should not be said...


but seriously, subliminal advertising is wrong, especially when it preaches prejudice and disallows other faiths in an open manner. thats discrimination, which i do believe is a crime...

Corn on the Cobb said...

nicely stated josh.

oh and nicely said on your comments on discrimination xD.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said... she didn't :S

Corn on the Cobb said...

its bound to happen, at some point in a boys life.

so far the majority of this discussion is on david having sex. i dont understand, how is that more important than the topic?

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Now of course you all expect me to defend the guy... *sigh*

Mmm... yes, sucks that someone out there is asking people something. If anyone isn't even inclined to religion or can't benefit from it then they'll either ignore it or post blogs about it like you did. I don't think it's really a good thing to advertise Jesus as a brand (he did have this thing against monetal gain... mm... made a whip, went into the temple and went crazy. Yeah he made a weapon. Jesus can fight you know) but this random is just asking people to try this thing he honestly believes is good.

How is it subliminal? Very straightforward. "We like Jesus. We want you to like Jesus too. Please?" You know what would be more subtle is if they did what major companies do by putting adds and posters in your video games. There's absolutely HUGE amounts of anti-religious sentiment out there it's hardly like 1 million dollars is going to dent that. It's not like your side of the argument is being ignored. You're becoming the stronger voice, it's impossible to mention religion outside of a church without people going on about all the reasons why they think it's wrong. I think there's enough attention towards the other side to counteract any "subliminal" attempts to grab children into the "fold". Christian children grow up being constantly told their wrong so they are perfectly capable of being influenced either way. It's HARDLY brainwashing.

What IS brainwashing is the unregulated NORMAL media and you should know that. Religion is being pushed away (can't pray in school... which is good. Now THAT would be unfairly influencing children) whereas false images of the "perfect body" and MERCHANDISE! MERCHANDISE! MERCHANDISE! Is shoved in your face 24/7. Screw a 30 second commercial. If it was selling a drink for a company that makes more money annually that the GDP of entire COUNTRIES you'd have no trouble with it even though you are technically subliminally and directly from every angle telling you "THIS PRODUCT IS THE BEST OUT OF ALL OF THEM!"

Absolutely EVERYTHING is propaganda. EVERYTHING is biased. EVERYTHING is to make you have some opinion. As more rules are made to limit religion, rules were taken away to limit advertising to children for products.

You do realise everything in this blog is repeated from someone elses opinions they told you to believe right? And they were told by someone else...

...and everything I say is just the same.

We are all controlled. This IS the sci-fi novel.

I don't like the catholic church though... And I agree that just pure Faith isn't enough to solve all problems but you know if we all believed one thing then we wouldn't fight each other. "Love thy brother" and all that. Of course if there was no religion then there'd be no one to blame for wars... And if Hitler had won and conquered the world we'd all think he did a good thing and all think the same so all think everything was perfect.

Unity through ANYTHING is perfection as long as there are no imperfections to disagree. Ideas of being an individual make this seem like a bad idea...

Which I agree, no one being an individual is terrible. But if I wasn't one then I wouldn't think that would I? It's just impossible to know which thing conforming too would be perfect so people will ultimately rebel and be part of something different or choose something else. I really wouldn't worry about this guy... or care. I don't care about him. Haven't seen his commercials in ages. Didn't seem very specky or interesting (but I don't remember him DEMANDING anything... but my internet is kinda slow right now... But then again Richard Dawkins basically demands the "mind virus" be stamped out so everyone demands stuff anyway)

Has my opinion and stance on this been ambiguous? Anyhoo... I wonder if this was longer than your blog post. Perhaps. Hopefully you'll take something out of this rant... hopefully it's been worthwhile.

Corn on the Cobb said...

agreed, but look at the advert for one thing.
its a very well done add.. and you wouldnt have thought it was an add for jesus at the begining until you see the end.

i think advertising a pure just belief system is much more serious than products and body image.
Body image does come close, but advertising religion, in a time that body image, material wants, product demands, new tecnology, ""keeping up with the jones's" makes the overall situation worse

you werent exactly arguing for it, but the last thing people need to have done to them is to be told what to believe.
television and the world its trapped us in is bad enough. you can argue its already horrible, but it doesnt change the fact that what its promoting in religion is going to shape people drastically if they decide to keep advertising religion for another 5 years.

Athiesm is at a huge yes, and certain people are aware of what the church does and has done, (catholic in particular, the main ones advertising)
but television being a powerful medium, you can never doubt and underestimate the power it has.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

We can all be glad Mormons don't advertise because a lot of them don't like modern technology.

Anyhoo... House, the TV show where whenever a religious patient or character appears House isn't far behind with his atheist views and top 10 reason why they're an idiot, was most viewed TV show in the entire world 2008. Simpsons has been portraying the local friendly neighbourhood Christian as a babbling idiot and the local priest as a hypocritical and apathetic preacher. I really do believe TV as a medium is incredibly powerful and it's being used to influence people to think away from religion. Sure, this ad or the internet and other things will find a way to get people to join the catholic church (sucks to be them. All those kids...) but my point here is that this powerful medium gives tons of counteractions to this ad without even appearing to be an ad. The world is safe from being told "JOIN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!" too much for us to unthinkingly join.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

And yes, David having sex is very off topic.

Corn on the Cobb said...

those shows are comedy's, wit views coming from bitter people, like House.
The Simpsons, although showing religious members in this way, has already confirmed that "God" exists in there universe. so the simpsons is more or less a parody and satire on people rather than religion.
its what people say in the name of religion rather than religion itself.
but the simpsons is beside the point.
being a multicultural country we must cater on a balancing point. there can be no dominating religion, and all religion references (not just the bloody gtod and jesus deviations) are used in a satirical matter.
although abc does tend to speak outwardly at its criticisms, but that is over an independence contract under a producer, not television regulations.
it just so happens that those minds have made the conclusions with there knowledge there is no christian/catholic/or whatever god.

so while all stations keep religion in a less serious context, on a balancing point to satisfy all to an extent, throwing in christian television commercials is totally throwing off this balance and is advertising and promoting something that hasnt been before.
although some people are smarter, it is bound to create a reaction.
and flashing before your eyes on high rating programs, advertising makes its magic and does what it does.
only this time its dealing with dynamite.

i think religious advertisements break this rule of the general audiences, and has created a more catholic slant to general television (but of course western values were already inspired by christian religion, which in turn makes it that we are already built on a christian foundation, with values reflecting in the television our values are kept with the god stuff filtered, as it was before, and as it should have been)

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Rightio. Well I have nothing to add to this discussion :)

Corn on the Cobb said...

damn right you dont.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

It's not me admitting defeat it's me graciously accepting that different sides and opinions have been expressed sufficiently and that continuing would lead to repetition. Don't you agree?