Tuesday, November 17, 2009


You're so immature. All of you. I know what went through your mind when you read that title.

Well doodles are drawings people. No, not the drawings of doodles on chairs you find everywhere at school (you know when we evolve something else we will learn to draw that instead so if you're sick and tired of them just wait a few million years.) I have drawn quite a few (INNOCENT DRAWINGS. Mein Gott you guys are immature) in my textbooks over the past year and seeing as I no longer need the books themselves I've decided to preserve my favourite doodles....

OK I'm going to call them sketches now. They're not proper sketchy because I feel sketches need a certain amount of quality or style to them so they're more doodle like but no. No I must remember my audience and call them sketches. I have repressed NOTHING!

Here are some sketches. Be amused by them! (or don't. You know... free will and all...) Excuse my handwriting.

Oh that Mark. Haha.

I've always hated him too. Glad someone else out there did too.

Oddly enough no one believes me that this sort of thing really happens. COME ON PEOPLE! They're lying to you! They just want you to think monkies don't come from eggs.

Traumatic childhood...

Extra exclamation marks also messes with counting techniques and certain probability problems... not that you need to know that what with exams being over and all.

Don't try this. The eggs will explode. I know this because I've done it... twice... I'm a slow learner.

My long lost brother. He had serious anger issues. Once, he beat a nun to death because a penguin bit him at the zoo.

He is a very confused man.

F***ing hand puppets.

WHAT ARE THEY!? I'm scared :'(

And thus is the end of my doodles. We all knew it had to come eventually, some of us wish there was more but I'm sure you're all satisfied with what I have shown you today :)

You're all so very... very immature....

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