Monday, October 5, 2009

Well hello people

well, shouldnt i be revising for my exam im leaving for in 25 minutes?
i'll come here
make a post on a blog that hasnt got a post in a while, poor neglected thing.

Anyway, as you've heard the Bilby chronicles is deceased, until someone here wishes to continue it themselves
head on over to to read the final entry (below my post "wha ehh ahh")
please do it soon because i will be relocating the bilby chronicles to a different blog and removing them from my own.

But what is to come? well, considering how busy i'm going to be this following week you won't here much from me
you can expect 2 mini stories on this blog and my own that i am currently writing up.
One is something i wrote up in english and hope to finish
the other.... hahaha....
Let's say the other thing is a small part of a world that we wish to expand and become bigger, this minut story will keep you guessing as to what is going to happen with it.

Anyway, it has been long since this blog has seen anything that is of an assorted rambling, besides god and haircuts.
So i bring you!

Bilby 9 part 2. The unofficial sequel

Bilby jumps on sym for no particular reason and rips him appart, kills both jason and steve and kills himself.
Josh jizzes all over Quinten who then reverses all that happened because of what Josh did.
Dormors dominion no longer exists, Time has reversed to the graduation ceremony
Only none of the characters of this story exist anymore.
Except for Josh.
The End

Okay that sucked
i'll do a poem

Oh my weaney
It is josh heaney
come to the Knox
Where we'll meet David Cox
When you want a flower
go get engulfed by its cunt
or just give it a good punt
because the wolves are all about
making lots of hamburgers
for the dirty hangovers
of Josh's wild night
his rape it came of fright
And when the dark seeps near
you know Jacob is here
because you know without a doubt
that this shit obviously came from his mouth.
or maybe from his keyboard
its such a typical display
it will leave you in dismay
An awesome dude is James May
Because Top Gear is a good show
I cant give a shit about Cars, for all thee know
BUt those dudes are surely funny
they'll leave your diarhea seeping runny


Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

You know people out there really don't need to pity this blog if no one posts on it... pity blogs with nothing to say mainly end up with nothing to say...

and make me cry... I'm very emotionally unstable... Why did Josh do those terrible things to Qinten? *sniffle* Why mummy why!? WHAT IS HE DOING!? AGGHHHH!!!!

Corn on the Cobb said...


Wolf cub said...

I make awesome hamburgers.