Wednesday, October 21, 2009

beginnings and endings

everyone always goes on about all the laws of physics and maths and chemistry and how they can be used to explain basically everything about everything. and usually they do an alright job explaining the stupid stuff that no-one really cares about and answering questions that no-one asks. but what explains all the serious stuff???

i believe that the universe only has two fundimental laws. two laws that define what exists and what doesnt. and the thing is, these two laws actually work for everything, and are present in every other law or theory you can think of.

the first law is that eventually, everything ends. nothing lasts forever. its impossible to think that it can. forever is an illusion created by our own fantasies about perfection and eternity. everything ends. happiness, sorrow, love, life, even time. everything that ever was or is, will end, or already has ended. its inescapable. thinking that something will last for eternity will only mean that when it does end, your goingt o be more crushed about it.

and the second law is that, for every ending, there is a beginning. everytime something ends, something new comes into play to replace the thing that just ended. when happiness ends, despair begins. when sorrow ends, joy begins. when love ends, spite begins. when life ends, death begins. and when time ends, well, something other than time begins to take the place of time.

there is also another phenomenom that i have noticed as well. whenever a bad thing ends, something good starts from the ashes of the bad thing. and once a good thing comes to an end, a bad thing rises up to claim you. its quite a perverse cycle. it means that we look forward to the good times because they are good, yet also live in fear for when the goodness ends and the badness begins. conversely, we look forward to when a bad thing ends as it heralds the arrival of something worthwhile.

its kinda unfortunate that life runs on such a cycle. what if there was a way to postpone the ending of something good, would you do it??? you probably would. just like you would stop the begining of something bad if you could. but heres the thing: trying to control the outcomes of endings and beginnings will never work. postponing an ending only makes the beginning more violent, and hastening a beginning will only cause the ending to explode sooner.

if someone ever did find out a way to completely and utterly stop something beginning or ending, then reality would simply cease to exist. if something is stopped from reaching its inevitable end, then that means that something new never starts to take its place. and that thing that would have begun would then not be able to replace another ending somewhere else, thus making that other thing never end. and this would continue upwards like a violent maelstrom untill everything comes to a standstill. it would also drive people insane. what if the awkward conversation with your parents was never allowed to end??? what if that tv show you've been waiting to start never begins??? it would be utter chaos. which is ironic, since chaos would then never be allowed to start.

i just thought this was something interesting that i was musing over. and hence, as i had thought about it, you people out there then had to know about it. look at it this way, your ignorance of the fabric of the universe is ending, and your enlightenment has just started :P


Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

That makes sense.

Corn on the Cobb said...

not to you godboy

Corn on the Cobb said...

lol im jus fucking with you...IN THE ASS.

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