Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Are Our Superiors

"Demeaned... Why?"
Our values, that don't hurt anyone else... crushed by some random stranger, spinning a gun of words and criticisms.
Criticisms that are neither constructive or to help.
Criticisms that tell us to go down the path, and follow the way of the random gunslinger.
Does that sway us?
If an individual were to embrace these ways he will find it a superiority in him, that puts him beyond those who do not follow.
Demonstrated through history per Tyranny, Dictatorship, Religion and Government, Superior in groups, inferior individual.
Whether be in groups or individual, our values are placed on our demonstration of power.
When something is loathed by you, can you not help but speak out against it when your face is pressed so hard on it's glass?
By speaking out against a harmless life, demeaning and speaking the reality it is through your eyes, in direct spite on the person and there actions, does that make us bad?
It does not, it makes us human.
Jesus spoke out against those who were provoked into crucifying him, Just as Hitler spoke out against the same group of people.
Rappers, listening to there poetry of the streets will physically and verbally show there disgust to a walking fringe, pumping melodramatic songs of lost love into his ear lobes.
And, a man such as myself, speaks out against enhanced enjoyment, the act illicit drugs smuggled into the PEZ dispenser women are brought into this world with.
Does that sum me as a person, or does it just complete the Ying and Yang that is my mind and soul?
Do i want people to go down the pathway of Dante Lovecraft, or am i speaking out against a menacing pitiful activity?
A shared value among others, does this majority justify myself? Are the criticisms of the bad that don't directly harm others a bad thing for me?
It's hard, when something is generalized and "bad" when indeed it's doesn't harm anyone, directly or intentionally. Did someone who shares a view similar to mine make that rule, that was passed down society into my mind and the minds of others?
As personal as this is to me, it is just as personal to each one of you.
Those in a group of creation and god, a cover up for sick twisted acts and depraved intentions. Because your upbringing represented this good does that necessarily justify everything done? Or because you were raised to believe and understand, does it make it real?
If you were to raise a child, and educate him his whole life, that the name of the sky's color is green, if he didn't know otherwise he wouldn't question it.
If one was raised, and told that everyone had the intention of killing him, for so long and from such a young age, would he ever trust anyone but his educator?
Our values, again, are they entirely good?
Do our own personal judgements mean all that is truely right? obviously not.
And when you utter those few words to one individual, that demean and put down what there world is around them,
then the skies will fall down, violet and crimson in its collapsing swirls. And when caught up in it, swirls of emotion and tension will bring you down below the surface, away from everything else that other person was to you.
And with a chance and percentage of whether or not you will say anything, will determine whether the void will take you.
Because with those magic words, if the emotion power isn't in your hands, you will be dragged down, And your life involving one you have loved, yet was a faulted princess, may as well be Hell existing.
You'll call out to them, but the words you should have choked on will form nothing more than an ugly mask over your grief stricken face, making you look nothing like the man you once were, and more of a tormentor, knowing at the chamber doors, demanding entrance to shadow the view of the outside.
To Ourselves, we are everyone elses superiors in our particular ideals.
They will always be better.
And thats being human.
You may deny it, but you know in the back of your mind there have been moments where you will boil in someones own values, as innocent as they may be.
And in the end, if you were to utter the mask to distort your image, you'll find yourself asking
"Demeaning... Why?"


the thing that should not be said...

i would agree with all that was said, except for the fact that everyone is always saying i am superior to no-one....*cry*

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