Monday, October 19, 2009

lost for words

have you ever sat there thinking over your day and all the things you said to people? you probably have. and if you've done that, then you've probably also thought about all the things you wished you had said, or could say. you think, man, i would have so owned that guy if i'd said that. but you didnt say it. and nothing happened.

is there a place that all the unsaid things go??? if there is, it'd be filled to the brimb by now. so many times there have been things i wanted to say but didnt. sometimes their things you think while your angry, and you dont say them because you know that your angry and it will only get you into even more shit. sometimes you dont say anything because you know that saying something will only hurt people. sometimes you just plain and simple cant bring yourself to say it.

ok, i think iv talked enough on that. NOW: what happens when you run out of things to say??? in the middle of a conversation, where you find yourself completely speechless, what do u do??? someone please tell me, cause sometimes its down right awkward when your expected to say something but can think of anything to say. infact, its also really irritating. its like, brain, what the fuck man??? you left me hanging when i needed you.

even worse then that, when you can think of a thousand things to say, all of them good, but you cant formulate them into words. you have so many thoughts and emotions and actions you want to explain and tell people, but you find yourself at a loss for words to describe them with. like suddenly english has failed you and your left with nothing. fuck i hate when that happens. yet i find it happening more and more often lately.

i pose this challenge to you: if there is a time when i was talking to any of you out there, but i couldnt think of anything to say, i didnt say anything, or i said something dumb, tell me the scenario and il think of something better to say in that situation you where in with me. come on, bring it, i dare ya.

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