Monday, October 19, 2009


ok i realised i just posted something, but i need everyones oppinions on this one.

say that hypothetically you could forsee an even that will happen in the near future. im not talking psychic or anything, although that would be cool, but like you can just feel and know that something, an event, will happen.

now, say that this hypothetical scenario that you see coming will hurt people. thats a bad thing isnt it??? well im pretty sure it is anyway. and you know that if you do nothing about it, this scenario will come about and hurt everyone.

naturally, you would try and do something to stop it from happening. but what happens when you cant stop it??? what if every step you take to stop this terrible event only brings you closer to anihilation??? you become the cause of the terrible scenario. damned if you do, damned if you dont.

this is my queary to all you avid young bloggers out there: would u sit back and let the even unfold, knowing full well that it would hurt people, or would u try and stop it, in full knowledge that you would only make it come about faster. sit back and wait, or accelerate and become the cause: which would you do???


Rayne said...

Just Please...

Corn on the Cobb said...

my advice