Monday, August 31, 2009

Lights Up! Let The Show Begin!

In The Begining, there was God. He sat down, looking upon all his creation, his loui vatton bag hanging from his flamboyant shoulder. The new issue of heat lying on the floor. he was as bored as hell. SO he pulled out his directors chair and said "Let there be Lights Up!" and to his illuminated stage of actors he spoke "Let the Show Begin".
And so it began.
And so has it been for all time.
The mysteries of the reality of the universe, in our true consciousness. But what we really think with, is the consciousness of the character we play.
We live and die as these characters.
Ourselves, we are all characters in a long play. Flamboyantly masked and played, completely foreign and fictional to our true selves.
But one day, it is prophesised. That may the butterflys flutter away, showing everything there truely is to the world.
reveal to us, in this grand play, what is what.
the sunshine our lighting
the world around us our prop.
Us? the actors of course.
i mean, we can only act in our costumes for so long.

At some point in our lives there has to be an intermission to this very show.
At some point in an actors life.
At some point the butterflys masking and holding the actor, that give them there very appearance, one day they'll flutter away and what would be left is a mystical and magical being.
A truye Lawrence Olivier
A true Anthony Hopkins, Humphry Boggart, Johnny Depp, Leornardo Di Caprio.

But of what appearance?
A lesser more frail form no doubt, but a more pure one.
They wish to be more, they strive to be more so they act.
They act in this play that is our lives.
This play "life" represents nothing they have.
They have to deal with the trivial matters of magic and mystisicm.
There is no normal in our real place of fantasy.
Normal is dreamt of to the Truth as Magic is dreamt of the the False.
So may the butterflies flutter, and we become who we are destined to be.
No longer we run, no longer we lie, no longer we hide.
Manifestations release themselves.
Sexuality blossom into its pure loving scent.

This play was written to reverse roles, so that the magic is something the norm is in the real world.

So our lesson in life, is when the butterflies flutter and dissapear

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Rayne said...

that was actually really creative and pretty beautiful...=] deeep :)