Monday, September 14, 2009

for her

i met you at a party i was sceptical about going to. i was sitting there thinking "i wish bilby had more hot female friends who are single", and who should come down the stairs at that exact moment??? you.

in an australian flag t-shirt and a tartan skirt. you sure stood out :P i looked at you, and our eyes met. and i dont think i looked away for a few minutes. i tried to talk to you that night. but i didnt know what to say. i think i ended up talking about blowing us all up... but you didnt freak out and run away from my weirdness. you smiled and laughed. and i felt happy that i heard you laugh. even if only for a minute. then mr bilby came up to me and said very bluntly that you had a boyfriend. hopes, smashed. thanks bilby :)

i went home and i couldnt sleep. i kept thinking about you. i began checking your blog every day to see what you had posted. you made me laugh, even if it was only over the internet. then you added me on msn. and that first night, i ended up telling you some things iv never told anyone else before. and we talked till about 4 in the morning. and i didnt want to stop talking to you. you fascinated me. you were funny and smart, and you seemed to find me interesting for god knows what reason.

the second night we talked even longer. and at the end of the night, neither of us wanted to stop talking to each other. but mutual need of sleep soon beat us. i stayed over my friends place. he went to bed at like 10, and i spent all my credit texting you through the night. when i ran out, i felt bad that i had dropped the convo mid sentence and i went out to get more the very next morning.

my parents went away, and i actually got the chance to hang out with you. you got tipsy off of one jim beam shot with coke :) your sister scared me shitless and she seemed to hate me. your dog tried to eat me. and then one day i wasnt allowed over your sister came home early and i had to run out the back door and hide around the corner till you let me out of your garage :P god, that was intense.

then i asked you out. and you actually said yes! and i was so happy. i met your parents and they hated me. you met mine and they liked you. my little sister is now obsessed with you. your sister actually appears to like me now. i met your friends, and they were really awsome. kinda scary, but awsome none the less :) you met some of my friends, you go to the same ice skating as grace, you talk with cobb online, and your friends with em now. although you hate fiona for some reason.....

you put up with me, week in week out, even when im the biggest tool. you cry to me over the phone, and i make you smile and laugh again. i get to kiss you on the weekends, and i never want it to end. we sit in your living room watching little brittain and horror movies, and i get to hold you in my arms. you care about me, you say that you love me, and you accept me for the fucked up indavidual that i am.

im sorry for every time iv upset you, i refuse to apologise for every time iv made you cry out in exasperation, im thankful for every minute that im with you, and i cherish every memory i have with you. and this is just for you.


Rayne said...

i love you :)
and i dont hate fiona, i dont know her :)
but i like reading our story over again :)

the thing that should not be said...

and this finally puts and end to the last blog and its comments :)

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Awwwwwwww :) were skeptical about going to my party? *ahem*

And sorry I crushed ur hopes so early on. I don't remember that. All I remember is you two being inseperable and you showing her how you set fire to the road somewhere and spelt your name out in fire and then took a picture on your phone. Then I got you admitting it on camera without you noticing.

It was fun :)

So I repeat, Awwwwwwwwwwwww :)

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Everything turned out good in the end though so who cares who crushed whose hopes however long it might be.

P.S. Her parents like me because I'm quiet... (yeah... quiet? her mother also thinks I have nice hair)

Rayne said...

lmao! hahahha ahhh bilby ! quiet isnt a word used to describe you babe :)

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