Tuesday, February 9, 2010


All us co-authors of this erratically updated blog are going to universtity soon or have already started. That is, except Sunny, who has never contributed to this blog and has disappeared off the face of the planet as far as blogging is concerned having last blogged in 2008 (You're so late, I'm so 2008? This peeps be outdating my style cause I haven't updated in a while) and I'm frankly uncertain what has happened to her... I'm sure she'll turn up sometime. Her youtube channel says she already IS in college so congratulations to her! She's older than us all so yeah. Also not going to university this year is Cobb, who has gone to Tafe. Next year he shall be in Melbourne, showing off his awesome skills and forming new rivals in a whole different state. Because frankly, we've had enough of him being the best film maker around here and want him to leave. LEAVE! Go be better than me ELSEWHERE DAMNIT!

*Ahem* Yes well what I meant to say is: THE NEW FACEBOOK SUCKS! Why did they update it like that? Surely they realise that they are stupid!

I'm sorry I'm getting sidetracked (SEND LETTER BOMBS INSTEAD OF COMPLAINT EMAILS!!) I should be talking about University. Well at U-ni-ver-si-ty we will all be pursuing education for various wonderful fields of expertise. I personally will be both doing Psychology and Screen Production so I can make films that traumatise people, then get even more money by then giving them therapy afterwards. The same goes for Uwe Boll with his movies and his intent on teaching people how to box. You get excited that they made a movie of Far Cry then get really really angry that it was made by Uwe Boll and then voila! He charges you money to learn to expell your anger through boxing. How else do you think he gets funding for his movies after strings of flops and abismal films? He funds them secretly from the money of outraged video game fans who not only paid for boxing lessons, but then were beaten unconcious and had their wallets pilfered by the greedy and evil Uwe Boll. We must stop him!.

I would've preferred a picture of him with demon horns but unfortunately they didn't have any of those on the internet where I was searching. Oh well, perhaps a side project when NetPlus finally gets photoshop in stock?

I promise that once I have graduated from U-ni-ver-si-ty I will only produce the best quality films that I can with whatever talent I have, which I will improve upon. I won't produce anything of inferior quality for the sake of making money or rip people off unfairly. I will also not produce anything but the finest of crazy people from my psyche practice. We can't have low quality deranged people roaming our streets now can we? CAN WE?

No. No we can't.

So, like I, you too should enjoy U-ni-ver-si-ty and learn as much as you possibly can! Be the best you can, do the best you can and don't become one of those cheap expendable losers of whatever profession you become. We're here to learn people. Now... to the future!